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Refurbished Train Returns to Youth Services


The train in the Youth Services Division of Massanutten Regional Library Main has a new look, thanks to Rockingham teacher Dave Magnone and the Art and Technical Drawing Class at Turner Ashby High School.

“It needed a bit of renovation,” says Clare Eakin, MRL Youth Services Coordinator, “and the very talented students and teacher at Turner Ashby did a fantastic job of helping us out.”

The students in the technical drawing and design class refurbished the train as part of a class service and learning project. The refurbishing process included sanding and priming the cars, and then art students took over with designing and painting the designs on the train. The Turner Ashby students began the project in October and the train was finished and returned to Massanutten Regional Library Main Tuesday morning.

“The children had been asking about the train,” says Eakin. “They were absolutely thrilled this morning when the train returned.”

The newly refurbished train features a circus train motif. You can see pictures in our Facebook photo album.

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