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2012 Snapshot VA Survey This Thursday

Libraries all over Virginia will hold a Snapshot Day in April, to collect information, photos, and patron comments that illustrate the impact that Virginia libraries make in their communities every day.  With Massanutten Regional Library branches, Snapshot Day is Thursday, April 26. 
Snapshot Virginia is a Virginia Library Association and Library of Virginia project. The goal is to use collected data, such as how many people visit the library, use computers, attend programs, etc., as well as candid photographs and comments, to demonstrate how essential libraries are within our communities. Virginia’s libraries are busier than ever these days, with people coming in to check out books, use computers, look for jobs, and attend the many programs our libraries offer. All across the Commonwealth, libraries are the cornerstones of their communities, places were people come together to visit, learn, and share ideas.
On Thursday, MRL will capture a slice of life in six branches. Elkton Community Library conducted its Snapshot Virginia Day on Monday, April 23. Snapshot Day encourages library customers to comment on what their library means to them. Please visit www.SnapshotVirginia.org to find out more about this exciting project. Better yet, visit your local community library on Thursday and be a part of Snapshot Day.

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