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User ID and PIN

Looking to access your account online or one of our databases from home? You will need your User ID and PIN.

Your User ID can be found on the back of your library card. It is a 14 digit number located under the barcode and should be entered without any spaces.

Your PIN is specific and private to your account and is created when you first receive your library card. If you don't know your PIN, please visit one of our locations in-person to obtain your PIN. PINs will only be given out in-person in order to protect the privacy of your account.

Other frequently asked questions:

Q. Why can I not log-in?
A. If you have recently gotten a new card, your user ID will have changed. Otherwise, check to be sure that you are omitting the spaces when you enter your user ID. If your computer stores your user ID, be sure that it is correct.   If these things are correct, please contact your local branch to see if your card has expired or is about to expire.  This also will prevent you from logging into your account.

Q. How do I place a hold/Why are my holds not appearing?
A. First, be sure that you are logged in when you begin your search. When you have found an item that you would like to place a hold on, click the "Details" button on the left; do not click the keep button. When you are in the detailed display, click on the blue words "Place Hold" under the "Keep" button. This will place a hold on the item. Clicking on the "Keep" button places the book on a list of books located under the "Kept" link at the top. This list can be printed to bring into the library or kept in your account for future reference. You cannot place a hold from this list without searching for the item again.

Q. How do I get an Alternate ID?
A. This feature is not available in our catalog.


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