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When you support MRL, your gift makes it possible to expand programming, to reach more readers, and to bring the potential of the library to more members of our community.


It’s really kind of amazing, when you think of it.

Each summer, over five thousand children come to Massanutten Regional Library and sign up for Summer Reading Games. These children finish the school year in early June, and then spend the next eight weeks reading. Just for the fun of it! For them, MRL is a place to learn, to relax, to be with friends. For them, it is a place to dream, a place of endless potential.

Your support of MRL makes this potential a reality. Because of your support, last year MRL hosted over 1,600 programs which were attended by nearly 35,000 children and adults. Because of your support, Massanutten Regional Library is working with area schools to provide all students with easy access to a suite of online resources. Because of your support, MRL has the ability to adapt to our changing world and pursue new opportunities.

For so many people in our area, the library is the place they come for entertainment, for answers, for refuge – in short, MRL is the place they come for community. For each of them, for each of the over 345,000 patrons who walk through our doors each year, Massanutten Regional Library offers possibilities. Certainly, it’s easy to see this in the face of a small child when she finds a new favorite book and immediately holds it up to her dad and says excitedly, “Read to me!”

But you’ll also see it in the countless small courtesies and kindnesses that occur every day, in all of our branches. The job applicant who comes to Village Library to use the computers. Or, the regular patron at North River who stops in every week to chat about mysteries. Or, the man who walks into the Page Public Library and simply says, “I’m new in town.”

Maybe that simple sentence, “I’m new in town,” best captures the potential of Massanutten Regional Library. That first time that you walked into the library – whether you were a toddler, a student, or a recent arrival – you came because of all the possibilities that awaited you.

Because of your support, those possibilities become better and more numerous each day. And, like everything at MRL, they are waiting to be freely shared.


Lois W. Jones
Library Director

P.S. Government funding pays only a portion of the MRL’s operating expenses. We depend on support from generous individuals like you to help keep our vital services free for everyone in our communities. Please make you tax-deductible donation today.

Or mail your check to:

Massanutten Regional Library
174 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801


Memorial Gifts

A gift to the library is a thoughtful and fitting way to honor the memory of those who have touched our lives. When you make a memorial donation to Massanutten Regional Library, your name and the name of the person you are remembering will be entered in our Book of Memorials and Honor Gifts which is available for public viewing in the tower lobby at the Central Library.

Honor Gifts

From grandchildren’s birthdays to honoring someone for a work achievement or special event, honor gifts to the library are a way to share your joy with others in the community. Honor gifts are entered in our Book of Memorials and Honor Gifts, which is available for public viewing in the tower lobby of the Central Library.

More Information

Have questions or want to talk to someone about our library needs? Contact Michael Evans at 540.434.4475 ext. 135 or use our Contact Form.

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