MRL Online Resources – NoveList Plus

Massanutten Regional Library has the perfect resource to help you find you or your child your next book. NoveList and NoveList K-8 are online reading recommendation resources. The two sites have a similar layout, but serve different age groups. NoveList is for all age groups including adults, while NoveList K-8 is tailored towards children and younger teenagers.

To access either version of NoveList, visit our Research & Learning page. Under “Resources By Category,” click “Reading Recommendation Resource.” If you are trying to access them with a device from outside of the library, you will need to enter the number found on the back of your library card once you click on NoveList link.

There are many different ways to interact with the websites. You can use the search bar to search for specific books, authors, or genres. You can also search by keywords that describe the book you are looking for if you do not remember the title or author.

The homepage also allows you to browse books by age groups, genres, award winners, and even mood. These groups might differ depending on the version of NoveList you are using. For instance in NoveList K-8, the awards are focused on Children’s and Teen books.

Once you find the book you are looking for you can click on it to get to the book’s record, which will have more identifiable information such as the author, genre, and a summary of the book. There are also professional reviews of the book. In NoveList K-8, the records also show the targeted reading level of the book. A great feature that is located on a record are “Read-alikes.” These are a list of books that are similar to the book you were searching for. This is a great way to find others you might be interested in!

So next time you are trying to find your next great book to read, visit our website and try out NoveList.