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New Books for Youth: 11/8/17

EASY ALLEN                                                    2014

I’m not scared! / text and illustrations, Jonathan Allen.


EASY ARNOL                                                   2016

Waiting for snow / words by Marsha Diane Arnold; drawings by Renata Liwska.


EASY ATKIN                                                    2017

Where Oliver fits / Cale Atkinson; [edited by Samantha Swenson].


EASY BARNE                                                   2017

The wolf, the duck & the mouse / written by Mac Barnett; illustrated by Jon Klassen.


EASY BROWN                                                2017

Good day, good night / by Margaret Wise Brown; pictures by Loren Long.


EASY CARBO                                                   2016

Diana’s White House garden / Elisa Carbone; illustrated by Jen Hill.


EASY COLFE                                                    2016

Trollbella throws a party: a tale from the Land of Stories / by Chris Colfer; illustrated by Brandon Dorman.


EASY CURRY                                                   2015

Peacock among pigeons / written by Tyler Curry; illustrated by Clarione Gutierrez.


EASY GODWI                                                  2016

Owl sees owl / Laura Godwin & Rob Dunlavey.


EASY GRAVE                                                   2017

Tidy / Emily Gravett.


EASY HAGAR                                                  2016

Doing her bit: a story about the Woman’s Land Army of America / Erin Hagar; illustrated by Jen Hill.


EASY HEST                                                      2017

Buster and the baby / Amy Hest; illustrated by Polly Dunbar.


EASY JOHN                                                     2017

The bad seed / written by Jory John; illustrations by Pete Oswald.


EASY MATTE                                                  2015

Christmas tugboat: how the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree came to New York City / by George Matteson and Adele Ursone; paintings by James E. Ransome.


EASY MCMUL                                                2017

I’m smart! / Kate & Jim McMullan.


EASY NICHO                                                   2015

Maple & Willow apart / Lori Nichols.


EASY PATTE                                                    2017

Give thank you a try / James Patterson.


EASY PEPPA                                                    2015

Peppa Pig best friends.


EASY RUEDA                                                   2016

Bunny slopes / Claudia Rueda.


EASY SANTA                                                   2017

After the fall: how Humpty Dumpty got back up again / a story by Dan Santat.


EASY SAVAG                                                   2015

Where’s Walrus? and Penguin? / by Stephen Savage.


EASY STEAD                                                    2016

Samson in the snow / Philip C. Stead.


EASY THOMA                                                 2017

Thomas and the snowy tracks / based on the Railway series by Reverend W Awdry; created by Britt Allcroft.


EASY VALEN                                                   2017

I want that nut! / Madeline Valentine.


EASY WALTE                                                   2017

“Hi, Pizza Man!” / by Virginia Walter; pictures by Ponder Goembel.


EASY WATT                                                    2012

Scaredy Squirrel prepares for Christmas / M*elanie Watt.


EASY WICK                                                      2013

Can you see what I see? out of this world / by Walter Wick.


J 305.9 M                                                        2017

A refugee’s journey from Afghanistan / Helen Mason.


J 523.8 S                                                          2013

Starfinder: the complete beginner’s guide to the night sky / Carole Stott

and Giles Sparrow.


J 741.5 M                                                        2017

Dawn and the impossible three / a graphic novel by Gale Galligan; with color by Braden Lamb.


J 782.25 G                                                        2016

Like a bird: the art of the American slave song / art by Michele Wood; text by Cynthia Grady.


J 782.42 R                                                       2017

Who are the Rolling Stones? / by Dana Meachen Rau; illustrated by Andrew Thomson.


J 791.43 P                                                       2016

Who were the Three Stooges? / by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso; illustrated by Ted Hammond.


J 823.914 H                                                     2017

Harry Potter: a journey through a history of magic.


J 921 B661                                                      2016

Ten days a madwoman: the daring life and turbulent times of the original “girl” reporter, Nellie Bly / Deborah Noyes.


J 921 R615                                                      2015

Who was Robert Ripley? / by Kirsten Anderson; illustrated by Tim Foley.


J 921 R782                                                      2014

Who was Theodore Roosevelt? / by Michael Burgan; illustrated by Jerry Hoare.


J 921 S119                                                      2002

Who was Sacagawea? / Judith Bloom Fradin; illustrated by Val Paul Taylor.


J 921 S3644                                                    2017

Schomburg: the man who built a library / Carole Boston Weatherford; illustrated by Eric Velasquez.


J 921 S4513                                                    2017

Who was Pete Seeger? / by Noel MacCarry; illustrated by Stephen Marchesi.


J 921 S728                                                      2017

Who is Sonia Sotomayor? / by Megan Stine; illustrated by Dede Putra.


J 921 S769                                                      2016

Who is Bruce Springsteen? / by Stephanie Sabol; illustrated by Gregory Copeland.


J 921 S822                                                      2014

Who is Gloria Steinem? / by Sarah Fabiny; illustrated by Max Hergenrother.


J 921 T1473                                                    2013

Catherine Gourley; illustrated by Nancy Harrison. Who is Maria Tallchief?


J 921 T874                                                      2015

Who was Sojourner Truth? / by Yona Zeldis McDonough; illustrated by Jim Eldridge.


J 921 W275                                                     2014

Who was Andy Warhol? / by Kirsten Anderson; illustrated by Gregory Copeland.


J 921 W879                                                    2016

Who is Stevie Wonder? / by Jim Gigliotti; illustrated by Stephen Marchesi.


J 940.1 P                                                          2013

Castle / illustrated by Stephen Biesty; written by Richard Platt.


J 977.1 H                                                         2016

Floodwaters and Flames: the 1913 Disaster in Dayton, Ohio / Lois Miner Huey.


J 978.4 H                                                         2018

North Dakota / by Ann Heinrichs; illustrated by Matt Kania.


J 978.4 H                                                         2017

North Dakota: the Peace Garden State / by John Hamilton.


J EASY 225 D                                                  2017

The Good Samaritan and other parables / Tomie DePaola.


J EASY 389.1 M                                              2004

Mighty Maddie / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Bernice Lum.


J EASY 395 J                                                    1986

What do you say, dear? / by Sesyle Joslin; pictures by Maurice Sendak.


J EASY 512.9 M                                               2000

Let’s fly a kite / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Brian Floca.


J EASY 513 M                                                 1996

More or less/ by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by David T. Whetzel.


J EASY 513.2 M                                              2000

Monster musical chairs / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Scott Nash.


J EASY 513.2 M                                              1998

Animals on board / by Stuart J. Murphy ; illustrated by R.W. Alley.


J EASY 513.2 M                                              1996

Ready, set, hop! / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Jon Buller.


J EASY 513.2 M                                              1996

Too many kangaroo things to do! / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Kevin O’Malley.


J EASY 513.2 M                                              2006

Jack the builder / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Michael Rex.


J EASY 513.2 M                                              2005

Leaping lizards / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by JoAnn Adinolfi.


J EASY 513.2 M                                              2004

Tally O’Malley / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Cynthia Jabar.


J EASY 516 M                                                 1998

Circus shapes / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Edward Miller.


J EASY 529.7 M                                              2006

Rodeo time / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by David T. Wenzel.


J EASY 591.5 P                                               2016

Winter, winter, cold and snow / by Sharon Gibson Palermo and illustrated by Christina Song.


J EASY 664 H                                                  2018

How is chocolate made? / by Grace Hansen.


J EASY 686 H                                                  2018

How is a book made? / by Grace Hansen.


J EASY 912.01 M                                           2004

Treasure map / by Stuart J. Murphy; illustrated by Tricia Tusa.


J EASY 921 K309                                            2017

My journey to the stars / astronaut Scott Kelly with Emily Easton; illustrated by Andre Ceolin.


J EASY 921 T885                                            2017

Before she was Harriet: the story of Harriet Tubman / by Lesa Cline-Ransome; illustrated by James Ransome.


J EASY 976.8 H                                               2018

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park / by Lisa M. Herrington.


J EASY 978.7 H                                               2018

Yellowstone National Park / by Audra Wallace.


J EASY 978.8 H                                               2018

Rocky Mountain National Park / by Lisa M. Herrington.


J EASY 979.1 H                                               2018

Grand Canyon National Park / by Lisa M. Herrington.


J EASY 979.2 S                                                2018

Zion National Park / by Jodie Shepherd (content consultant), Nanci R. Vargus, Ed. D. (reading consultant), Jeanne M. Clidas, Ph. D. (reading specialist).



J EASY 979.4 H                                                2018

Yosemite National Park / by Audra Wallace.


J FICTION APPLE                                            2017

Wishtree / Katherine Applegate; illustrated by Charles Santoso.


J FICTION BARRE                                           2011

The case that time forgot / Tracy Barrett.


J FICTION BARRE                                           2012

The missing heir / Tracy Barrett.


J FICTION CAMER                                          2016

Bailey’s story: a dog’s purpose novel / W. Bruce Cameron; illustrations by Richard Cowdrey.


J FICTION CAMER                                          2017

Molly’s story: a dog’s purpose novel / W. Bruce Cameron; illustrations by Richard Cowdrey.


J FICTION CAMER                                          2015

Ellie’s story: a dog’s purpose novel / W. Bruce Cameron; illustrations by Richard Cowdrey.


J FICTION COLFE                                            2017

Adventures from the land of stories: Queen Red Riding Hood’s guide to royalty / by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Red Riding Hood with Chris Colfer.


J FICTION COLFE                                            2017

Adventures from the land of stories: the Mother Goose diaries / by Mother Goose with Chris Colfer.


J FICTION DEE                                                2017

Halfway normal / Barbara Dee.


J FICTION ERWIN                                          2017

Different days / by Vicki Berger Erwin.


J FICTION GEORG                                          2017

Saturdays at sea / Jessica Day George.


J FICTION KENDA                                          2017

The unlikely story of a pig in the city / Jodi Kendall.


J FICTION NERI                                               2017

Tru & Nelle: a Christmas tale, a novel / by G. Neri.


J FICTION PAPAD                                          2015

A tale of highly unusual magic / by Lisa Papademetriou.


J FICTION PATTE                                             2017

Jacky Ha-Ha: my life is a joke / James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein; illustrated by Kerasco*et.


J FICTION PENNY                                           2017

Waylon!: even more awesome / Sara Pennypacker; pictures by Marla Frazee.


J FICTION RYLAN                                           2000

A little shopping / Cynthia Rylant; illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin.


J FICTION SACHA                                           1989

Wayside School is falling down / Louis Sachar; illustrated by Joel Schick.


J FICTION SHULL                                            2016

Bounce : a novel / by Megan Shull.


J FICTION THOR                                             2009

A faraway island / Annika Thor; translated from the Swedish by Linda Schenck.


J FICTION WEYN                                            2010

Stealing the prize / by Suzanne Weyn.


J FICTION WEYN                                            2010

Racing against time / by Suzanne Weyn.


JRA-NUMER                                                   2006

Mouse cookies & more: a treasury / by Laura Numeroff; illustrated by Felicia Bond.


JUV-ICANRD EASY WELLS                           2017

Max at school / by Rosemary Wells; illustrated by Andrew Grey.


SPANISH J 741.5 D                                                        2016

Garfield : niego todo / por Jim Davis.


YA 305.4 M                                                                2016

Women of Colonial America: 13 stories of courage and survival in the New World / Brandon Marie Miller.


YA 616.85 S                                                           2017

Superhero therapy: mindfulness skills to help teens & young adults deal with anxiety, depression & trauma / Janina Scarlet, PhD; illustrated by Wellinton Alves.


YA FICTION GEORG                                      2015

Silver in the blood / Jessica Day George.


YA FICTION MCGIN                                      2015

A madness so discreet / Mindy McGinnis.



YA FICTION MEADO                                      2017

Before she ignites / Jodi Meadows.


YA FICTION MEYER                                       2017

Renegades / Marissa Meyer.


YA FICTION MORIA                                       2007

The spell book of Listen Taylor / by Jaclyn Moriarty.


YA FICTION PORTE                                       2016

The fall of butterflies / Andrea Portes.