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New Books for Youth: 2/7/18

EASY BENTL                                                                          2015
Little penguin gets the hiccups / Tadgh Bentley.

EASY BENTL                                                                          2017
Samson: the piranha who went to dinner / Tadgh Bentley.

EASY BENTL                                                                          2017
Little Penguin and the lollipop / Tadgh Bentley.

EASY DISNE                                                                          2010

EASY FOX                                                                              2018
Ducks away! / Mem Fox + Judy Horacek.

EASY GHAHR                                                                        2017
Stack the cats / Susie Ghahremani.

EASY JOOSS                                                                          2010
Sleepover at Gramma’s house / Barbara Joosse; illustrated by Jan Jutte.

EASY KASZA                                                                         2013
My lucky birthday / Keiko Kasza.

EASY PATTO                                                                         2017
The very, very, very long dog / written and illustrated by Julia Patton.

EASY SIMA                                                                           2017
Not quite narwhal / Jessie Sima.

J 468.2 F                                                                               2003
Sophie learns Spanish / illustrated by Annabel Tempest; written by Sue Finnie & Libby Mitchell.

J 507.8 B                                                                               2009
46 science fair projects for the evil genius / Bob Bonnet, Dan Keen.

J 598 O                                                                                  1987
Have you seen birds? / by Joanne Oppenheim; pictures by Barbara Reid.

J 741.5 D                                                                               2017
Garfield feeds his face. 64 / by Jim Davis.

J EASY 428.2 C                                                                     2002
Under, over, by the clover: what is a preposition? / by Brian P. Cleary; illustrated by Brian Gable.

J FICTION BEAST                                                                  2015
Beast keeper / by Lucy Coats ; art by Brett Bean.

J FICTION BEAST                                                                  2015
Hound of Hades / by Lucy Coats; art by Brett Bean.

J FICTION CURTI                                                                  2018
The journey of little Charlie / Christopher Paul Curtis.

J FICTION MLYNO                                                               2018
Dragon overnight / by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins.

JRA-BISHO                                                                            2002
The five Chinese brothers [sound recording] / by Claire Huchet Bishop.

JRA-CHINN                                                                           2001
Sam and the lucky money [sound recording] / by Karen Chinn.

JRA-DUVOI                                                                           2004
Petunia [sound recording] / book by Roger Duvoisin.

JRA-FLACK                                                                            2002
Angus and the ducks / by Marjorie Flack.

JRA-GINSB                                                                            2002
Mushroom in the rain [sound recording] / [adapted from the Russian of V. Suteyev]; book by Mirra Ginsburg.

JRA-GUARI                                                                           2006
Is your mama a llama? / by Deborah Guarino; pictures by Steven Kellogg.

JRA-MOSEL                                                                          2012
Tikki Tikki Tembo [sound recording] / retold by Arlene Mosel; illustrated by Blair Lent.

JRA-RASCH                                                                           2001
Yo! Yes? [sound recording] / by Chris Raschka.

JRA-SHANN                                                                          2015
Bugs in my hair! [sound recording] / book by David Shannon.

JRA-WELLS                                                                           2002
Noisy Nora [sound recording] / by Rosemary Wells.

JRA-YOUNG                                                                          2007
Seven blind mice [sound recording] / by Ed Young.

JUV-ICANRD EASY MILGR                                                  2016
The adventures of Otto: see Pip point / David Milgrim.

JUV-ICANRD EASY MILGR                                                  2016
See Otto / David Milgrim.

JUV-ICANRD EASY PANEC                                                  2009
We all sleep / by D.J. Panec; illustrated by Gloria Lapuyade.

SPANISH EASY CINCO                                                         1998
Los cinco crayones The five crayons.

SPANISH J FICTION KINNE                                                 2017
Diario de Greg. La Escapada (Volando Voy)/ Jeff Kinney.

YA 741.5 K                                                                            2017
Escape from Syria / Samya Kullab, Jackie Roche & Mike Freiheit.

YA 741.5 O                                                                           2018
Hermes: tales of the trickster / George O’Connor.

YA BOOK ON CD – FICTION COLFE                                   2010
Artemis Fowl: the time paradox [sound recording]/ Eoin Colfer.

YA FICTION PIERC                                                               2018
Tempests and slaughter: a Tortall legend / Tamora Pierce.

YA FICTION SAVAG                                                             2017
Beautiful broken girls / Kim Savage.