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New Books for Youth: 4/19/17

EASY AVENG                                                                  2015

The Avengers storybook collection.


EASY BARTO                                                                   1986

Planes / Byron Barton.


EASY BURNI                                                                    1996

Cloudland / John Burningham.


EASY DISNE                                                                     2001

Atlantis, the lost empire, 2001: the essential guide / [David John].


EASY JOLLE                                                                     2005

I’ll see you in the morning / Mike Jolley; and [illustrated by] Mique Moriuchi.


EASY MY                                                                          2016

My bike / illustrated by Byron Barton.


EASY ROBIN                                                                    1995

The zoo at night / by Martha Robinson; illustrated by Antonio Frasconi.


EASY ROSEN                                                                   2015

Plant a kiss / written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.


EASY SRINI                                                                      2015

Little Owl’s colors / by Divya Srinivasan.


EASY THREE                                                                    2011

3 little golden books classic collection: The little red hen; the shy little kitten; the little red caboose / A little golden book classic.


J 232.92 C                                                                       1998

The Christmas story: according to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke from the King James Bible / paintings by Gennady Spirin.


J 242 L                                                                              2008

Bible prayers for bedtime / Jane Landreth; illustrated by Richard Holt.


J 342.73 B                                                                       2007

The creation of the U.S. Constitution / by Michael Burgan; illustrated by Gordon Purcell and Terry Beatty.


J 599.73 M                                                                      1994

A Caribou journey / by Debbie S. Miller; illustrated by Jon Van Zyle.


J 808.02 G                                                                        2015

What is creative nonfiction? / Charlotte Guillain Edited by Clare Lewis and Penny West.


J 821 B                                                                             1997

Hoops / Robert Burleigh; illustrated by Stephen T. Johnson.


J 921 D2629                                                                   2015

Mo’Ne Davis: remember my name: my story from first pitch to game changer / [Mo’ne Davis] with Hilary Beard.


J FICTION DIS                                                                 2015

A fairy’s gift / written by Kiki Thorpe; illustrated by Jana Christy.


J FICTION REE                                                                 2015

Cakes in space / by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.


J FICTION SNI                                                                 2015

All the wrong questions. bk.4, Why is this night different from all other nights? / Lemony Snicket; illustrations by Seth.


J FICTION SPA                                                                2014

Catie Conrad: faith, friendship, and fashion disasters! / Angie Spady; with Channing Everidge.


J FICTION VER                                                                2015

Castle Hangnail / by Ursula Vernon.


JUV-ICANRD EASY SILVE                                              2015

Let’s go fishing! / written by Erica Silverman; illustrated by Jess Golden.


JUV-ICANRD EASY SUPER                                           2013

Superman versus the Silver Banshee / by Donald Lemke; pictures by Andy Smith.


JUV-ICANRD EASY SUPER                                           2015

A giant attack / by Donald Lemke; pictures by Lee Ferguson.


JUV-ICANRD EASY SUPER                                           2011

Superman: escape from the Phantom Zone / by John Sazaklis; pictures by Steven E. Gordon.


SPANISH EASY RAU                                                      2009

Three / by Dana Meachen Rau = Tres / por Dana Meachen Rau.


SPANISH EASY RAU                                                      2009

Two / Dana Meachen Rau = Dos / Dana Meachen Rau.


SPANISH EASY RAU                                                      2009

One / by Dana Meachen Rau = Uno / por Dana Meachen Rau.


YA FICTION COLFE                                         2004

The Artemis Fowl files / Eoin Colfer.