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New Books for Youth: 9/6/17

EASY BARBI                                                    2017

Barbie Dreamtopia: the birthday wish / adapted by Mary Man-Kong; based on the story by Devra Speregen; illustrated by Federica Salfo, Francesco Legramandi, and Charles Pickens.


EASY BEREN                                                   2012

The Berenstain Bears’ dinosaur dig / Jan & Mike Berenstain.


EASY BEREN                                                   2015

The very first Christmas / Jan & Mike Berenstain.


EASY BOYNT                                                   2001

Yay, you! Moving out, moving up, moving on / written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton.


EASY CAPUC                                                   2007

Biscuit’s pet & play Halloween / by Alyssa Satin Capucilli; [pictures by Dan Andreasen].


EASY NUMER                                                 2008

Time for school, Mouse! / by Laura Numeroff; illustrated by Felicia Bond.


EASY RANSO                                                  2017

Amanda Panda quits kindergarten / by Candice Ransom; illustrated by Christine Grove.


EASY REX                                                         2017

Nothing rhymes with orange / Adam Rex.


EASY REY                                                         2016

Curious George loves to ride / illustrations by H.A. Rey.


EASY REYNO                                                   2017

Nerdy Birdy tweets / story by Aaron Reynolds; pictures by Matt Davies.


EASY ROBER                                                   2011

Valentine mice! / by Bethany Roberts; illustrated by Doug Cushman.


EASY ROSEN                                                   2017

Uni the unicorn and the dream come true / Amy Krouse Rosenthal; illustrated by Brigette Barrager.


EASY SAUER                                                   2017

Truck, truck, goose! / story by Tammi Sauer; pictures by Zoe Waring.


EASY SCHAC                                                   2017

Sarabella’s thinking cap / Judy Schachner.


EASY SCOTT                                                    2014

Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin-Picking Plan / text by Catherine Hapka; cover art by Rick Farley; interior illustrations by Loryn Brantz.


EASY STEAD                                                    2017

The only fish in the sea / written by Philip C. Stead; illustrated by Matthew Cordell.


EASY STINE                                                     2017

Mary McScary / by R.L. Stine; illustrated by Marc Brown.


EASY SUPER                                                    2017

Good morning, Superman / words by Michael Dahl; pictures by Omar Lozano.


EASY THOMA                                                  2017

Thomas’ opposites book / written by Christy Webster; illustrated by Richard Courtney; created by Britt Allcroft.


EASY THOMA                                                 2017

Thomas at the steelworks; Friends to the rescue! / based on the original script by Andrew Brenner; illustrated by Tommy Stubbs; created by Britt Allcroft.


EASY TRYON                                                   2017

The thumbtack dancer / by Leslie Tryon; illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist.


EASY TULLE                                                    2017

Say zoop! / Herve Tullet; translated by Christopher Franceschelli.


EASY UNDER                                                  2017

Here comes teacher Cat / by Deborah Underwood; pictures by Claudia Rueda.


EASY VERNI                                                    2017

Second grade holdout / written by Audrey Vernick; illustrated by Matthew Cordell.


EASY WILLE                                                    2017

Sam, the most scaredy-cat kid in the whole world / [by] Mo Willems.


J 005.1 S                                                          2017

Girls who code: learn to code and change the world / Reshma Saujani; illustrator: Andrea Tsurumi; writing partner: Sarah Hutt; technical advisor: Jeff Stern; editor: Kendra Levin; art director: Kate Renner.


J 550 S                                                              2017

Super Earth encyclopedia / author, John Woodward ; Smithsonian consultant, Jeffery E. Post, Ph.D.; general consultant, Professor Iain Stewart.


J 688.7 N                                                         2017

Beast from bricks: amazing LEGO designs for animals from around the world / Ekow Nimako.


J 700 A                                                             2017

The arts: a visual encyclopedia / Susie Hodge, David Taylor, Joe Fullman, Peter Chrisp.


J 741.5 P                                                           2017

Dog Man: a tale of two kitties / written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey, as George Beard and Harold Hutchins, with color by Jose Garibaldi.


J 741.5 S                                                          2017

Lost in translation / by Geronimo Stilton


J 741.5 S                                                          2017

Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister 6, Vol. 3 / based on the TV series written by Gavin Hignight, Jacob Semahn, and Kevin Burke & Chris “Doc” Wyatt; adapted by Joe Caramagna; Spider-Man created by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko.


J 781.66 O                                                       2017

What is rock and roll? / by Jim O’Connor; illustrated by Gregory Copeland.


J 808.02 G                                                       2017

Writing radar: using your journal to snoop out and craft great stories / Jack Gantos.


J 921 C355                                                      2017

Who was Fidel Castro? / by Sarah Fabiny; illustrated by Ted Hammond.


J 921 F8188                                                    2017

Who is Pope Francis? / by Stephanie Spinner; illustrated by Dede Putra.


J 921 R6617                                                    2017

42 is not just a number: the odyssey of Jackie Robinson, American hero / Doreen Rappaport.


J EASY 428.1 P                                               2017

Big words for little geniuses / Susan and James Patterson; illustrated by Hsinping Pan.


J EASY 921 G5119                                                         2017

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: the case of R.B.G. vs. inequality / by Jonah Winter; illustrated by Stacy Innerst.


J FICTION APPLE                                            2016

Never swipe a bully’s bear / Katherine Applegate; illustrated by Brian Biggs.


J FICTION APPLE                                            2015

Never glue your friends to chairs / Katherine Applegate; illustrated by Brian Biggs.


J FICTION APPLE                                            2016

Don’t swap your sweater for a dog / Katherine Applegate; illustrated by Brian Biggs.


J FICTION APPLE                                            2016

Never swim in applesauce / Katherine Applegate; illustrated by Brian Biggs.


J FICTION BIRNE                                            2017

Humphrey’s treasure hunt trouble / Betty G. Birney; illustrated by Priscilla Burris.


J FICTION BOND                                            2014

Paddington: the junior novel / adapted by Jeanne Willis; based on the screenplay written by Paul King; based on the Paddington Bear novels written and created by Michael Bond.


J FICTION BOND                                            2016

A bear called Paddington / by Michael Bond; illustrated by Peggy Fortnum.


J FICTION BOND                                            2015

Paddington helps out / by Michael Bond; illustrated by Peggy Fortnum.


J FICTION BOND                                            2015

More about Paddington / by Michael Bond; illustrated by Peggy Fortnum.


J FICTION BOND                                            2016

Love from paddington.


J FICTION BROWN                                        2009

Stanley, flat again! / by Jeff Brown; pictures by Macky Pamintuan.


J FICTION BYNG                                             2010

Molly Moon & the morphing mystery / Georgia Byng.


J FICTION HALE                                              2017

The princess in black and the mysterious playdate / Shannon Hale & Dean Hale; illustrated by LeUyen Pham.


J FICTION KEENE                                           2017

The professor and the puzzle / Carolyn Keene.


J FICTION PEREZ                                            2017

The first rule of punk / Celia C. P*erez.


J FICTION SELFO                                            2017

Wedgie & Gizmo / Suzanne Selfors; illustrated by Barbara Fisinger.


J FICTION TARSH                                          2017

I survived the American Revolution, 1776 / Lauren Tarshis; illustrated by Scott Dawson.


J FICTION WINKL                                           2017

Hooray! My butt left the bench! / by Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver; illustrated by Scott Garrett.


JUV-ICANRD EASY BEREN                           2009

The Berenstain Bears’ sleepover / Jan and Mike Berenstain.


JUV-ICANRD EASY BOND                            2014

Paddington’s adventures / adapted by Annie Auerbach; based on the screenplay written by Paul King; based on the Paddington Bear novels written and created Michael Bond.


JUV-ICANRD EASY BOND                            2014

Meet Paddington / adapted by Annie Auerbach.


JUV-ICANRD EASY POWER                         2017

The legend of Ninja Steel / by Max Bisantz.


JUV-ICANRD EASY SUPER                           2017

Brave Batgirl! / by Christy Webster; illustrated by Erik Doescher.


JUV-ICANRD EASY THOMA                         2017

Henry in the dark.


YA 741.5 T                                                      2017

Transformers: till all are one, Volume 2 / written by Mairghread Scott; art by Sara Pitre-Durocher and Naoto Tsushima; colors by Joana Lafuente; letters by Tom B. Long.


YA FICTION CROWL                                      2017

Words in deep blue / Cath Crowley.


YA FICTION GEIGE                                        2017

Wildman / J.C. Geiger.


YA FICTION GOO                                           2017

I believe in a thing called love / Maurene Goo.


YA FICTION LARSO                                        2017

Dark breaks the dawn / Sara B. Larson.


YA FICTION MCMAN                                    2017

One of us is lying / Karen M. McManus.

YA FICTION MENON                                      2017

When Dimple met Rishi / Sandhya Menon.


YA FICTION RIORD                                        2014

The blood of Olympus / Rick Riordan.


YA FICTION ZAPPI                                         2017

Eliza and Her Monsters / Francesca Zappia.