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New DVD List: 5/17/17

DVD DISN                                                                        2012

Disney Herbie 4 movie collection[DVD] / Walt Disney Pictures; produced by Ron Miller; directed by Vincent McEveety; written by Arthur Alsberg, Don Nelson. The love bug: A race car driver is followed home by a VW bug with a mind of its own. Herbie goes to Monte Carlo: Upon entering a Paris-to-Monte Carlo road race, Herbie, the VW with a heart, falls in love with a sleek, sporty, light-blue Lancia. A gang of jewel thieves hides a stolen gem in Herbie’s gas tank and a madcap chase across the French countryside begins. Herbie goes bananas: Set amid exotic Central American locations, the internationally renowned Herbie, everyone’s favorite VW, further demonstrates his special brand of humor as he sets sail for Rio de Janeiro’s Grande Premio racing competition . En route, he gets sidetracked by a smuggling syndicate, pestered by a pint- sized pickpocket, and bullied by a raging bull. Herbie rides again: Herbie and friends must help an elderly woman save her Victorian firehouse home from the wrecking ball of a greedy real estate tycoon.


DVD LONG SEASON 1                                                  2013

Longmire. [DVD} Walt Longmire is just the man to close murder cases under the open skies of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Striding out of Craig Johnson’s Western mystery novels, the charismatic and unflappable sheriff (Robert Taylor) headlines this series with world-weary dedication. Struggling since his wife’s death a year ago, and at the urging of his attorney daughter (Cassidy Freeman), Walt knows he must turn his life around. Aided by a new female deputy (Katee Sackhoff) and his oldest friend (Lou Diamond Phillips), he becomes reenergized about his job and running for reelection — even though his ambitious younger deputy (Bailey Chase) is a rival candidate for the job. But despite the dark secrets and tangled relations that pervade, he doggedly solves the big crimes of Wyoming “Big Sky” country.


DVD SESA                                                                        2009

Learning triple feature[DVD] / Sesame Workshop. Learning about letters: Big Bird and his friends present Alphabet Day on Sesame Street, introducing all the letters from A to Z. Children will learn how letters combine to become words and words become stories. The great numbers game: Elmo, Telly and Gabi find themselves inside the great numbers game, where each number they find leads to another adventure. Sing, hoot & howl: Big Bird and his animal pals from Sesame Street have formed the Sing, Hoot & Howl Club in order to sing their favorite songs.


J DVD BARB                                                                    2012

Barbie[DVD]. The princess & the popstar / Barbie Entertainment presents a Rainmaker Entertainment production; written by Steve Granat, Cydne Clark; produced by Shelley Dvi-Vardhana and Shawn McCorkindal; directed by Zeke Norton. In this sparkling musical adventure, Barbie stars as Tori, the kind-hearted princess of Meribella who would rather sing and dance than perform her royal duties.


J DVD MAX                                                                     2005

Max & Ruby’s Halloween[DVD] / Nick Jr. Productions [presents]; a Nelvana Limited Production in association with Treehouse; produced in association with TFO-TVOntario. In the title story, when Max decides to dress up as a vampire for Halloween, Ruby is afraid Max will scare Grandma when they go trick-or-treating at her house. But when Grandma answers the door, it’s Ruby who gets the fright!