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Photograph Use Policy

Lending Privileges
Photographs in the Massanutten Regional Library archives may be loaned to individuals and organizations, at the discretion of the library administration, for exhibition or reproduction for exhibit purposes. Prior written approval must be granted by MRL as described herein and the borrowing individual or organization must sign the “Massanutten Regional Library Loan Agreement.” The loaned photograph(s) must be returned to the Massanutten Regional Library at the agreed upon date.

At the discretion of the library administration, publishers, commercial organizations, researchers, teachers, students or individuals may purchase copies of photographs from the library archives. Reproduction fees will be quoted prior to reproduction and payment may be requested in advance. If mutually agreeable, library staff will use library scanning equipment to minimize fees. The Massanutten Regional Library reserves the right to approve the quality of a photograph, copy or digitization. No copy or digitized photograph may be re-sold or reproduced, nor may the purchaser charge someone else for the use of the reproduction.

Permission Form
Anyone using materials from any Massanutten Regional Library collection for any purpose–including reproduction, exhibition, publication, electronic distribution or otherwise–must complete a permission form and receive the prior permission of MRL for the intended use. Permission is given for a one-time non-exclusive use as described on the Permission Form and Letter of Agreement. Any further or additional use requires new permission. Some photographs cannot be loaned or reproduced and the Massanutten Regional Library reserves the right to permit or deny photographic requests. In certain instances, approval of the Massanutten Regional Library Board of Trustees may be required. Adequate time will be required to obtain these approvals.

Electronic Distribution
Distribution of images and writings over the Internet is a form of publication; therefore, the digitization of materials is subject to the laws of copyright, privacy, and publicity rights as well as donor restrictions. The Massanutten Regional Library normally will not allow an image higher than 100 dpi to be placed on a web site. Arrangements for higher resolution must be made with the library administration.

Credit Line
A prominent credit line under the exhibited original (digitized or copy photograph) in an exhibition, publication, electronic distribution or otherwise, shall read “Courtesy of the Massanutten Regional Library.”

Image Manipulation
The Massanutten Regional Library’s primary interest is to protect the integrity of the original image. Materials from the collections may not be altered. MRL will not allow inversion of the original or the removal or addition of content. MRL will allow adjustments to contrast and sharpness. Images may be cropped at the edges or a portion may be selected from within a photograph. An explanatory statement must be added describing any changes. Any manipulation of the materials beyond that stated in this policy must be approved by the library administration.

The copyright status of photographs and other materials is often difficult to determine because of factors including the employment status of the photographer, the date material was created, the date material was first published, and the information that accompanied the first publication. The Massanutten Regional Library has not been able to determine copyright status for many of the photographs and materials in its collections. Therefore, the library is acting only as an owner of the physical original. The library is not responsible for either determining the copyright status of the image(s) or for securing copyright permission for any use of the image(s). It is the obligation of the user to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials. Possession of a library photograph does not constitute permission to use it, and the library is not responsible for copyright infringement by a user.

Description of Intended Use
The intended use of the material must be clearly and honestly stated on the request form.

Complimentary Copy
The Massanutten Regional Library requests a complimentary copy of published materials reproducing or citing materials from our collections for digitized images at the highest resolution for the library’s research collections.

Anyone not adhering to the conditions stated herein may be denied future use of the collections.

Adopted by the MRL Board of Trustees November 2015

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